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Investing into

the future

Vilnius    -    London    -    Silicon Valley

From funding to mentoring to events.

Nextury Ventures is a venture 3.0 style incubator building and funding startups around the hottest Silicon Valley tech ideas. We leverage low local development and market launch costs in Lithuania to develop new products & business models and scale successful models in the UK/US. Since 2014, we've invested millions of € in over 30 companies in, sharing economy, proptech, mobile, e-commerce, wearable, and other verticals.

Your innovation

partner in Lithuania

We believe in partnerships

Angel/investment syndicates
Corporate innovation partnerships
Academics & Government

We love to participate in joint investment rounds, whether with angel investors or institutional partners.

With the ever accelerating pace of technological progress, it becomes increasingly difficult for larger corporations to keep up with innovations. Nextury is a natural corporate innovations partner, connecting startup communities and capital with corporate innovation needs.

We help translate science & knowledge into successful businesses.

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